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  • Building Horticulture Skills – Free Course
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    This course is designed for those who would like to develop their horticulture skills in order to gain employment or better their education.  It is a fully funded course for participants who are disadvantaged and...
  • Agriskills for Women – Free Course
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    This is an excellent introductory program for women wanting to learn about Gardening and horticulture. It is essentially an introduction to professional horticulture although. The course is both practical and enjoyable providing an ideal starting...

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What Weed is That? – Fumaria

This weeks weed is Fumaria. Fumaria is common in Tasmanian vegetable patches and ornamental gardens.  It is also known as fumitory, carrot weed, beggary, fume-of-the-earth, fumiterre, fumusterre, God’s fingers and thumbs, snapdragon and wax dolls. There are many species within the genus Fumaria. Morphology: Fumaria is an annual herb. It’s...

Learning Centre Walk Through

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens and GlobalNet Academy learning centre walk through