GlobalNet ICT is a registered training organisation (called the GlobalNet Academy) and a consultancy organisation.  GlobalNet ICT is responsible for the consultancy aspect of the business. GlobalNet helps individuals and businesses maximise their investment in information technology. Much of what we do involves supporting clients solve strategic and operational technology issues or helping them find efficiencies. We provide innovative, flexible and customised services.

The GlobalNet Academy

The GlobalNet Academy is the training arm of GlobalNet ICT. As a registered training organisation, it is responsible for the running of Nationally Recognised qualifications that it has on its scope of registration. GlobalNet Academy’s scope of registration can be found on the government’s official nationally recognised training website at training.gov.au

What qualifications do we deliver?

The qualifications that we have on scope include the AHC10210 Certificate I in Agrifood operations, the AHC20410 Certificate II in Horticulture, the AHC30710 Certificate III in Horticulture and a few units from the Certificate III in Agriculture. The few units that we have on scope from the Certificate III in Agriculture are used to deliver our Hoofcare course. You can read more about the hoofcare course under the Hoofcare section. We also are able to deliver the BSB51107 Diploma of Management although we tend to deliver this qualification sparingly or as part of a wider consultancy arrangement.

How can we deliver such diverse subjects?

We are often asked how can we deliver such a wide variety of subjects and the answer to this lies in how we align ourselves with experts (both trainers and assessors) in these respective fields. For our horticulture programs, we work closely and exclusively with the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens to deliver high quality horticulture courses. Many of these courses are run onsite at the Botanical Gardens using a combination of internal expert staff as mentors and work supervisors and external trainers and assessors. The well established relationship that GlobalNet has with the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens means that students are able to experience horticulture training in one of the best locations in Australia.

Similarly, our Hoofcare course involves a strong relationship with the Australian Certified Equine Hoofcare Practitioners and GlobalNet. Jen, Jeremy and Marg are experts in the field of horse hoof management and are passionate about teaching these skills to others. Jen and Jeremy regularly tour the country passing on their skills to keen enthusiasts through a series of one day workshops.



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