Access to Records Policy and Procedure

Access to Records Policy and Procedure

GlobalNet is committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of its students, clients and personnel.  GlobalNet ensures it complies with the Privacy Act 1988 including the 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) as outlined in the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure individual privacy to students and clients whilst providing access to relevant information and records as well as the transparency of business practices.


This policy applies to any student and/or client in an accredited training that GlobalNet delivers. This policy DOES NOT apply to students/clients in non-accredited training.


  • GlobalNet will securely store all records associated with enrolment, training and assessment activities in accordance with its Records Management Policy.  Confidentiality will be assured with respect to these records
  • GlobalNet may provide state and national authorities with some information so that the progress of the national training system can be monitored. This is a requirement of law. This information contributes to national statistics and confidentiality is assured in their use of such information
  • All personnel associated with education, training or assessments will be aware of the confidentiality requirements
  • GlobalNet personnel will not access records other than for purposes associated with education, training or assessment activities
  • Students are welcome to view their own records and obtain copies of the information. Arrangements for these services will depend on the circumstances of the request, including time and location
  • GlobalNet permits access to records by it’s authorised staff.  These people need access to update education, training or assessment program activities, assessment outcomes, qualifications and related data, and to gather information for reporting purposes. If there is a reasonable objection to a particular individual or individuals having access to records, students need to justify their reasons and appropriate alternative arrangements may be made
  • No one other than delegated GlobalNet personnel will be permitted access to records without acceptable evidence of permission for this to occur

How a client can request access

  • Students can request access to their records if they are onsite by talking to GlobalNet staff.  Depending on the type of request, this may be able to be actioned immediately
  • If the request is required to be more formal, then a request to view records should be made in writing at or by standard mail to P.O Box 313 Moonah Tasmania 7009
  • Upon receipt, GlobalNet administration will process the request. GlobalNet will take steps to confirm the identity of the requestor
  • Within 14 days of receipt of the request, the information will be forwarded to the student as per the student request
  • If the student has requested a nominee to access their records, the same procedure as above will apply. The form must specify the nominee