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Aged care technology strategy

GlobalNet has recently completed a technology strategy for the Aged Care sector in Tasmania. This was done in collaboration with Aged Care Services Tasmania.

The strategy and action plan outlines a range of strategies designed to support the Aged Care sector to engage with and more fully utilise technology, to achieve better outcomes for clients as well as reduce costs and create efficiencies.

The document includes information about Compliance, eHealth and Telehealth, Training and Development, Knowledge Management, Workforce Development, Social Media and Cloud Computing.

Ideally, these strategies will be implemented over a three year period from July 2014 to July 2017 with periodic reviews during that period.

The strategy and action plan supports

  • Promoting a higher engagement with technology in the sector
  • Encouraging and supporting sector organisations to adopt more electronic compliance measures
  • Supporting the use of eHealth and Telehealth technologies to improve care and reduce costs
  • Developing online training and education resources that can be used and shared across sector organisations
  • Promoting customised and contextualised online inductions to alleviate current labour intensive processes
  • Further development of knowledge management capabilities and capacity to develop best practice approaches in knowledge management across the sector
  • Developing social media engagement processes that use social media technology as an acceptable form of communication to internal and external stakeholders
  • Encouraging the use of cloud computing technologies that leverage super-fast broadband technology and third party infrastructure to increase organisation capability and reduce risk

For further information, please contact Chris Toselli on 0438 687 125 or email