Business and Leadership Program

Business & Leadership Program – Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

“We have developed a unique program that combines down to earth business consulting, succession planning, high-level leadership and management development and integrated, ongoing, support to help businesses and their teams”
Chris Toselli | CEO | GlobalNet Academy
Steve Wiggers | CEO | Scala Institute

Why do the Business & Leadership Program

The Business and Leadership Program is designed to help front-line and department managers develop and build their leadership and management skills.   GlobalNet Academy and the Scala Institute have worked closely to develop a program, underpinned by the BSB42050 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management that delivers a high impact management training program across
organisations.  Working together, we provide participants with on and off-the-job training, contextualised assessments and individual support to ensure everyone receives exactly what they need to develop their leadership and management capabilities.

Participating in the Business & Leadership Program will help you learn how to:

  • Competently lead and manage teams
  • Develop self-awareness and adaptive communication skills
  • Understand the “business” behind your business
  • Make informed business decisions
  • Develop advanced financial literacy and KPI management
  • Develop business plans, goals and strategies to implement
  • Prioritisation and Time Management Skills
  • Identify and manage risk in teams and business
  • Develop customer-centric culture and performance
  • Build team capability and performance
  • Prepare for the future of technology, automation and evolving workforce needs
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How many units do you need to complete the BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management?

The BSB40520 requires the successful completion of 12 units of competence.  Working closely with industry, the following units have been selected to deliver training in skills that will be most impactful:

  1. BSBLDR411 Demonstrate leadership in the workplace Core
  2. BSBLDR412 Communicate effectively as a workplace leader Core
  3. BSBLDR413 Lead effective workplace relationships Core
  4. BSBOPS402 Coordinate business operational plans Core
  5. BSBXCM401 Apply communication strategies in the workplace Elective
  6. BSBLDR414 Lead team effectiveness Elective
  7. BSBOPS403 Apply business risk management processes Elective
  8. BSBOPS404 Implement customer service strategies Elective
  9. BSBPEF402 Develop personal work priorities Elective
  10. BSBSTR401 Promote innovation in team environments Elective
  11. BSBSTR402 Implement continuous improvement Elective
  12. FNSACC412 Prepare operational budgets (import)(Optional)

About the BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

The BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management is designed for developing or emerging leaders and managers.  It is a broad qualification and applicable to almost any business where leaders and managers need to learn how to lead and manage people, teams, finances, quality, risk and customers.  Those undertaking this qualification work relatively unsupervised, are responsible for their own actions and also provide leadership, guidance and support to others.  Participants in this qualification will have some responsibility for organising and monitoring the performance of their team, will research and analyse information from different sources and will often be required to resolve problems – predicable and unpredictable.


Participants completing this qualification would be well suited as

  • Team leaders; and
  • Frontline supervisors

How long will the course go for?

The Business and Leadership Program will go for between 8 to 18 months as determined between you, your employer and GlobalNet Academy

How will we deliver the program?

The Business & Leadership Program will combine face to face workshops, on the job training and assessment and your own individual study for the submission of written assessments. We may also take into consideration your current work duties when determining whether you have met the requirements of a unit. Workshops will be scheduled well in advance so all participants have sufficient time to attend,

How much does the course cost?

The cost of the course is dependent on a number of factors, particularly whether the course can be subsidised through government funding.  To find out more about the cost, please contact us directly.

Other costs

There is a once off enrolment fee of $500.

RTO Policies and Procedures

Before you seek enrolment into our Business & Leadership Program, please take a moment to review our policies as these will form part of our mutual obligations towards each other.   You can review our policies here.  Please pay particular attention to these policies:

For all funded and subsidised courses, we require participants to agree to attend the workshops that are part of the course.  Your attendance and engagement at these workshops, as well as your own individual studies, is fundamental to our ability to provide training to you.  By requesting enrollment into our BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management course, you are agreeing to attend the workshops AND engage fully in the course.

Course Resources

We will use a number of resources for this program including the Judith Dwyer and Nicole Hopwood: Management – Strategies and Skills text book.  GlobalNet will ensure that you have access to this textbook during your course, as well as online and paper based resources through our student portal.  These resources will provide you with a ready reference for the underpinning knowledge required by many of the units in the course.   There is not cost to you for us to provide you access to the text book.

What will you need for the course

In order to successfully participate in the course, you will need access to:

  • A computer that is connected to the internet and has either the Microsoft or Google Office software tools (such as Word, Excel, etc)
  • An active email address
  • The ability to store documents on either a memory stick or on a cloud based system (such as Dropbox, Onedrive, etc)
  • The course text book (which will be provided by GlobalNet Academy)

How much time should you set aside for each unit?

The time commitment for each of these units will vary.  Depending on your current job role, you should allocate at least 10 to 12 hours per unit (not including the workshop itself) to the completion of questions and assignments.  You should also set aside time for reading the text, references and personal time.  The amount of time to set aside will vary from person to person depending on the amount of knowledge and skill they bring to the course.  For some people, the amount of time required to complete a unit may be less – particularly if a participant wishes to apply for Recognition of Prior learning.   If participants have already done some or all of the activities required by the unit assessments as part of their role, they can submit this as evidence.  For others who have not had the opportunity to undertake activities required by the assignments, more time will be required in research and writing.

Qualification entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

Other course entry requirements

You must complete GlobalNet Academy’s online Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment before commencing the course.  Once we have received your enrolment application, we will provide you with a link to our online LLN assessment, along with and a username and password.  Once you have completed the assessment, we will be in contact with you.  If you do not have the Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills required of the course, we will discuss the results and explore your options with you.

Can I get recognition for things that I am already doing?

Yes.  If you believe you have a previously acquired skills, either through work and/or life experience or through formal training, you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).  You can find out more about what RPL can mean for you in our student handbook.  You can access that here: If you believe you have the relevant skills and abilities that you have learned in your past, please discuss this with us. We will discuss the evidence requirements you will need to provide and any supporting documentation required.

Organisational support

In order to complete this qualification, you will need the support of your organisation.  Support is likely to include:

  • Release from work to attend workshops. Students MUST attend workshops
  • Opportunities to participate in leadership and organisational activities that support the objectives of the program.
  • Time to complete assessments. Organisations are STRONGLY encouraged to support staff to complete assessments during work hours as the assessment are highly relevant to the work roles.

The assessment process

Each unit in this course will have a set of assessments that you must complete in order to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to the standard required.  Whilst each unit is different, assessments will be a combination of two or more of the following: short answer questions, case studies, demonstrations (where you physically demonstrate to us that you can perform a task or set of tasks satisfactorily), written evidence from your manager or supervisor and assignments.  In most cases, you will be given these assessments at the commencement of the unit of competence.


This online form is your enrolment application. By completing this online form, you are REQUESTING enrolment into one of our courses. Enrolment is not guaranteed and may be subject to an interview or to other pre-requisites.  GlobalNet Academy reserves the right, in our absolute discretion, to refuse entry to any of our courses on any grounds.

Enrolment into your chosen course is generally by application AND interview.   Unless we believe that there are some very obvious reasons why you should not be part of the course, you will generally be successful UNLESS the course is over‐subscribed.  If this is the case, we will choose the best applicants.  If you are successful, your enrolment application will become the basis of your enrolment.


We need to ask a number of different questions for our reporting obligations to State and National Regulatory bodies.  We trust that the form will be straight forward and easy to complete.  We appreciate your patience in completing it.


In order to complete this form, you will need to have a Unique Student Identifier.   A Unique Student Identifier (or USI) is a reference number made up of 10 numbers and letters that:

  • creates a secure online record of your recognised training and qualifications gained in Australia, even from different training organisations
  • will give you access to your training records and transcripts
  • can be accessed online, anytime and anywhere
  • is free and easy to create and
  • stays with you for life

Your can read more about what a Unique Student Identifer is here:   If you do not have a USI, you will need to register online with the government to obtain one. The process is free, confidential and quick. You can create a USI here:


Many of the question fields are mandatory and you will be required to enter information into these fields.  You can tell if a questions is mandatory if it has an asterix (*) next to it.  We treat your information confidentially so any information that you provide to us will NEVER be divulged to third parties unless we have your permission to do so OR we are required by law to do so.

If you have a mobile phone number, we ask that you provide this as well.  We often contact students by email AND by text message so having your mobile phone number allows us to contact you quickly and easily.


We are required by law to share some of your enrolment information with state and federal governments for reporting purposes.  You can read more about what we share and why here:



  1. Please choose the Certificate IV in Leadership and Management from the course selection below.  NOTE THAT IT CAN TAKE A FEW SECONDS FOR THE COURSE SELECTION TO BE AVAILABLE.
  2. Choose the class that you are enrolling in from the Course Instances selection
  3. There are a couple of questions that ask about your Occupation Identifier and Industry of Employment.  For your Occupation Identifier, please choose Sales Workers.  For your Industry of employment, please choose the one that best represents your industry, such as Retail or Accommodation and Food Services, etc.

Please check that

  • You have a USI (see above for details on getting a USI)
  • You answer all the questions with an asterix (*) 
  • You agree to the terms and conditions at the bottom of the form
Profile Data
Media Authority

We may from time to time take photos or images of people in our courses and use those for education and marketing purposes in both digital and paper format. In most cases these will be images of you taking part in a course or being part of a group. To do this, we ask that you authorise GlobalNet Academy to use your picture, portrait or photograph in all forms of media including electronic media for any lawful advertising or promotion. We understand that you can revoke this authority at any time by contacting us in writing and revoking the authority.

Contact Details

Please provide us with an alternative email address if you have one. For example, if you have used your work email address as your primary email address, please add your personal one here. This helps us contact you if you leave your employment, such as to be able to send you your certificate.

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Please let us know if you require help with speaking, writing or reading English

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What year did you complete your Highest school level

Please let us know if you have any disabilities

Please let us know if you have any other qualifications

Participant Identifiers

The Unique Student Identifier (USI) uniquely identifies an individual who accesses vocational education and training over his or her lifetime.

In order to participate in any accredited training, you must have a USI.

Must be 10 digits in length and consist of only capital letters and numbers, excluding I, 1, 0 and O

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