Operate and
Maintain Chainsaws

AHCMOM213 – 
Operate and Maintain Chainsaws


McDougalls Power Equipment and GlobalNet Academy’s Chainsaw course is underpinned by a nationally recognised unit of competence.  This unit is: AHCMOM213 – Operate and maintain chainsaws. McDougalls Power Equipment and GlobalNet Academy have teamed up to provide Tasmanian’s with a quality chainsaw course.  McDougalls and GlobalNet’s course is designed to help you better understand chainsaws, what you need to do to be safe when using them, how they work and what you need to do to maintain them to ensure they continue to operate at peak performance.

Time and Cost

1 or 2 days depending on numbers. If there is a second day, it will be primarily for practice and assessment.  Participants who demonstrate competency on the first day may finish at the end of day 1.

The cost of the course is: $380.   No GST is payable on this course.

What will you get if you successfully complete the course?

Participants who successfully complete the course (by attending the workshop AND satisfactorily completing all the assessments) will be issued with a nationally recognised statement of attainment detailing that they have completed: AHCMOM213 – Operate and maintain chainsaws.

This unit can be counted towards a range of full qualifications in horticulture or agriculture.  This unit is included in the AHC20416 Certificate II in Horticulture which is in GlobalNet Academy’s scope of registration.

Who is this course suitable for?

Our course is perfect for those people who need to use chainsaws 
in their professional or personal lives.  The course is suitable for:

    • tree contractors
    • council workers
    • parks and wildlife workers
    • those working within agriculture or horticulture sector
    • firewood collectors
    • landscapers; and
    • those work in many other industries.

Among other things we will train you in:

  • Chainsaw components and related equipment
  • Making sure your work site is ready and safe
  • How to check and prepare the chainsaw
  • Using the chainsaw safely
  • Checking and cleaning the chainsaw after use
  • Transporting the chainsaw safely