Code of practice

1. Admission process
1.1 GlobalNet Academy will provide clear and timely information, advice and support to assist students to achieve their identified outcomes. Entry requirements will follow those established for each qualification. All enrolment processes will be fair and equitable.
2. Assessment
2.1 GlobalNet Academy will ensure that all assessments conducted within the training packages and courses on scope will comply with the Standards for Standards for NVR Registered training organizations 2011. This includes the recognition of qualifications and/or statements of attainment issued by other RTOs.
3. Client information
3.1 GlobalNet Academy will provide accurate and relevant information to all candidates prior to commencement of their training or assessment. This may include one on one discussions with candidates prior to their enrolment in a course which will outline our mutual responsibilities.
4. Contracting of other RTOs
4.1 GlobalNet Academy will, where necessary, contract some of its services to other RTOs. Where this is the case, a document, such as a Memorandum of Understanding or MOU formalising these arrangements will be prepared.
5. Delivery
5.1 GlobalNet Academy will ensure the delivery of all accredited training and recognition services is undertaken by trainers and assessors appropriately qualified to meet the requirements of the training package.
6. Issuance of qualifications
6.1 GlobalNet Academy will issue, in accordance with appropriate national guidelines, a Qualification and/or Statement of Attainment to students/candidates who meet the necessary requirements. Nationally recognised qualification documentation will include the nationally recognised training logo, any appropriate state training logo where required and will meet any other applicable requirements.
7. Fees and charges including refund policy
7.1 Fees will be charged and refunded in accordance with GlobalNet’s Fees, Refunds and cancellations policy.
8. Guarantee
8.1 GlobalNet Academy will honour all guarantees outlined in its Code of Practice.
9. Grievance procedures and processes for appeal
9.1 GlobalNet Academy will deal with student candidate and/or client grievances and appeals in accordance with its Issues complaints grievances and appeals policy.
10. Marketing
10.1 GlobalNet Academy will market its training and assessment services in accordance it’s advertising and marketing policy.
11. Quality control
11.1 GlobalNet Academy will apply a quality focus to their operations. Established processes are in place for continual improvement in all areas of their business operations. GlobalNet Academy will seek feedback from students, employers and other stakeholders on their satisfaction with services received and take appropriate action to continually improve all services to meet or better their expectations.
12. Welfare and guidance.
12.1 GlobalNet Academy will ensure that appropriately qualified and accessible staff are available to provide guidance and support for all accredited training and assessment services offered should this be required by any student.
13. Professional Development
13.1 GlobalNet Academy encourages the professional development of all its trainers and assessors. It does this by scheduling learning opportunities through the year and actively subscribes to known professional development providers such as Skills Tasmania and industry related bodies.