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IT and Business Consultancy Services to help businesses make decisions based on good, easy to understand advice. Advice you can rely on.

Working across the Business, Information Communication Technology and Education sectors, GlobalNet ICT provides clients with specialist advice on embedding and maximising an organisation’s investment in it’s human resources through the use of technology and education.


GlobalNet is all about partnerships and working together. No, seriously… we mean it. For us, it’s about listening to you and understanding your needs and finding a solution that works for you.

  • We listen
    Whether you are an individual or a large multi-national, we listen to your the needs, develop a strategy, deploy the solution and offer our complete support to gain the best possible outcome for you.
  • We are technology integrator
    Whether it’s using familiar technology or finding and developing new and innovative products, we integrate the technology into your business. When we say integrate… we don’t mean install and forget… we mean taking into account the impact of the technology on the business. What’s going to change? Who’s going to be affected? How will they respond? What can we do to make the transition as smooth as possible? What support will you need to offer staff to help them through the process?
  • We’re flexbile and adaptable
    Almost all our business comes from word of mouth or repeat business. Why? Because one size doesn’t fit all – and we know that. We fit into your schedule… working out time frames with you that are both realistic and timely. If you want to do a project all in one go, that’s fine. We can do that. If you want to spread it out over time or break it down into discrete phases, we can do that too. It’s up to you.
  • We’re focused on YOUR outcomes
    If you win, we win. If you have a bad experience, it effects our business. By focusing on the outcomes that you want we stay focused and on track. Sometimes, you might not know what you want, only that what you have is not working… That’s ok… We’ll ask you lots of questions, formulate a plan with you and then go to work.
  • We’ll work where you are
    You don’t have to come to our office for us to work together. In fact, we’d prefer to come to you. It helps understand your business better. We can get an appreciation of the environment in which operate and this will likely make a difference to what kind of advice we give you and what kind of solution we propose.
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