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Instructional design

GlobalNet Consultancy

We can create learning programs that meet your business objectives. Through our experience and education (we have advanced degrees in education for example) we can offer expertise in adult learning. We can develop engaging and effective training in a variety of delivery contexts – from face to face instructor led to blended learning to online with remote facilitation. We can create new courses for you – or revise your existing courses to enhance their effectiveness. We have experience conducting training and task analyses, writing design documents, implementing online learning programs and evaluating your ROI.

Why do you need instructional designers?
We help learners make sense of the information that they are receiving. We help them by contextualising and customising it – by giving them guidance on how to interpret the information – and what things to look out for.

Take a look at the YouTube video below – see how you go:

The video above is an excellent illustration how we can help with your instructional design needs. Imagine the video was the content of an online course. There’s a lot of information being given to the viewer and if you offered no guidance, who knows what the learner would focus on? In this example, some might try to understand the big picture and spend time trying to understand where they’re at and why they’re in two teams. Others might watch the basketball skills whilst others might try to pick up clues listening in on the conversations.

We can help you target your message so you don’t waste time and money on getting results you may not want or need.