GlobalNet ICT Help with Training needs analysis

Training needs analysis

GlobalNet Consultancy

We can help your business determine the who, what, when, where, why and how of training.

We assist businesses analysis and evaluate

  • The business and its goals and objectives.
  • Jobs and related tasks that need to be learned.
  • Skill and Knowledge that are needed to perform effectively in your business.
  • Individuals who will need to be trained.

We can help you identify and quantify

  • What your business expects to happen and what actually happens.
  • The current job performance in the business and the desired job performance.
  • Existing and desired knowledge and skill.

Our training needs analysis can also help your business evaluate and enhance

  • The performance of work teams buy identifying their skill and knowledge set.
  • The problem solving capacity of individuals or teams and their productivity.
  • The need to prepare for and respond to future changes in the organisation or job duties.

Once we’ve helped you identify your training needs, we can help you:

  • Select the right person or organisation to design and develop the training.
  • Develop online and print based content
  • Install and configure online learning repositories
  • Choose the appropriate setting (on the job, classroom, etc.).
  • Identify the right supporting materials (such as text books etc.)
  • Train the trainer if using internal trainers