Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

The purpose of this policy is to affirm the commitment of GlobalNet to the ongoing process of quality improvement. Opportunities for continuous improvement can be identified from varied sources:

  • Formal and informal feedback from students and staff
  • Complaints from student, staff and other stakeholders
  • By undertaking a self-assessment against the NVR Standards
  • By undertaking Assessment Validation
  • By attending internal and external workshops


This policy applies to any accredited training that GlobalNet delivers

Out of Scope

This policy does NOT apply to any non-accredited training that GlobalNet provides


  1. Students and staff are encouraged to provide feedback about the quality of GlobalNet’s programs, facilities and resources
  2. Students are encouraged to provide verbal and written feedback throughout their training through feedback forms supplied at various stages during the course and via informal feedback to their trainer or assessor
  3. Trainers and assessors are encouraged to provide feedback during scheduled meetings as well as informal feedback supplied at regular meetings
  4. Administration staff are encouraged to provide feedback during regular staff meetings and on an informal basis
  5. When GlobalNet receives a complaint it is dealt with under the Feedback, Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure. Any areas for
    improvement, which become apparent when handling a complaint, are documented in a Continuous Improvement Register. It also recorded on the
    complaints register
  6. GlobalNet carries out a self-assessment against the NVR Standards regularly to measure compliance and highlight opportunities for improvement. The GlobalNet CEO is responsible for this. A review of all policies and procedures is also carried out at this time. Any improvement actions identified are documented in a Continuous Improvement Report
  7. The GlobalNet CEO, various staff members and trainers are sent to attend various internal and external workshops as part of their professional development requirements and continuous improvement opportunities
  8. GlobalNet has a policy and procedure for undertaking assessment validation and any improvements identified are documented and actioned
  9. Records of all continuous improvement activity shall be maintained for a period of at least two years after the continuous improvement action has been completed to allow review by the CEO for the purposes of self-assessment and for review by external auditors

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