Please complete our survey Diploma of Leadership and Management Basline Survey

The purpose of this survey is to help us understand where you think your leadership and management skills are at the present time.  Please take a moment to rate yourself against each of the questions.

Your input will help us understand how you currently rate your skills and allow us to focus on areas where you believe there is room for the most improvement. 

We will not share your personally identifiable answers with any third parties.  We may aggregate the information to share with key stakeholders to help them understand what where we might focus training.

If you wish to discuss any of the questions or any of your answers, please contact us by email or call us on 0438687125 to discuss anything at all about this survey.

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I am able to adapt my communication to consider the impact of my communication on others.
I am able to modify my approach towards others in order to build more positive relationships.
I develop my own work goals and align these to my own professional development.
I consider the work goals of others and align these to their professional development needs.
I am able to influence and motivate staff effectively.
I promote the participation of staff in meetings.
I have the skills and confidence to supervise others effectively.
I have the skills and confidence to hold others accountable for the responsibilities of their work role.
I encourage others to work effectively as a team.
I am able to manage my team effectively.
I have the skills and confidence to encourage my team to be creative in problem solving.
I have the skills to manage the performance of others.
I am comfortable having challenging conversations.
I manage workplace disruptions calmly and effectively.

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