Employer learner satisfaction survey

Please tell us about the training provided by GlobalNet Academy. Your feedback will play an important role in developing the quality of our training. In this questionnaire, the term ‘training’ refers to learning experiences provided by the training organisation. Please provide one response to each item on the form. Please choose NA if the statement does not apply.

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Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agreeNA
Trainers were effective in their teaching
Trainers had good knowledge and experience of the industry
Trainers were able to relate material to the workplace
Overall, we are satisfied with the training
We would recommend the training to others
Assessments were based on realistic activities
The training organisation gave appropriate recognition of existing knowledge and skills
Assessment was at an appropriate standard
The training focused on relevant skills
The training prepared employees well for work
The training had a good mix of theory and practice
We would recommend the training organisation to others
The training was an effective investment
The training reflected current practice
The training was effectively integrated into our organisation
Our employees gained the skills they needed from this training
The training has helped our employees work with people
The training helped employees identify how to build on their current knowledge and skills
Our employees gained the knowledge they needed from this training
The training prepared our employees for the demands of work
The training used up-to-date equipment, facilities and materials
The training resources were appropriate for learner needs
Training resources and equipment were in good condition
The training organisation acted on feedback from employers
The training organisation developed customised programs
The way employees were assessed was a fair test of their skills and knowledge
The training organisation was flexible enough to meet our needs
The training organisation dealt satisfactorily with any issues or complaints
The training organisation provided good support for workplace training and assessment
The training organisation clearly explained what was expected from employers
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