Feedback, Complaints and Appeals

Feedback, Complaints and Appeals

GlobalNet actively engages in obtaining, reviewing and addressing client and student feedback and complaints. By having a fair and transparent mechanism for handing issues and/or complaints, we can continually improve our courses so that the best outcomes are possible for participants. We can also ensure consistency in our feedback, complaints and appeals process.


The purpose of this policy/procedure is based on providing and maintaining training and assessment services that are fair and reasonable and where issues can be resolved.  It provides for complaints and appeals to be actioned in a timely, confident and sensitive manner.

The purpose of the procedure is to outline a clear process and the steps for handling complaints and appeals received from students, employees, third parties and stakeholders of the GlobalNet.

Scope of this policy

This policy applies to any accredited training  and assessment that GlobalNet delivers.

The policy includes complaints that may involve the conduct of its trainers, assessors, other staff, third parties or a learner of GlobalNet.

What is not in the scope of this policy

This policy DOES NOT apply to maintenance issues such as broken furniture or equipment. These issues should be referred to the relevant manager or member of staff.


Complaint:  A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction with an action product or service of an education and training provider (or of the registering body) made to the registering body.

Appeal: An appeal is where a client of an RTO, or interested party, may dispute a decision made by the GlobalNet. The decision made by the RTO may be an assessment decision or may be about any other aspect of the RTO’s operations.


  1. GlobalNet considers feedback as very important and relevant to our operations
  2. We collect and analyse feedback from clients, trainers, assessors, employers and other stakeholders
  3. Feedback requiring corrective action is incorporated into GlobalNet’s business through a continuous improvement process
  4. We always seeks to collect this feedback in an impartial and fair way and without compulsion
  5. We treat complaints seriously and investigate them in a fair and impartial manner
  6. We provide all students with the option to appeal an assessment decision
  7. In doing the above, we are guided by the principles of
    1. ensuring that information received and collated will be kept secured
    2. ensuring complaints procedures and processes are easily accessible and understandable
    3. ensuring timely and fair consideration of all complaints with a view to facilitating fair solutions
    4. ensuring all complaints are treated seriously, investigated thoroughly, and dealt with according to the merit of the complaint
    5. clear communication with complainants about the status of an investigation into a complaint
    6. ensuring complainants are informed promptly of decisions and reasons for decisions


  1. GlobalNet will provide students with the option to provide feedback both during and upon completion of their training
  2. This will be done by providing students with a hard copy paper feedback form or a link to a feedback questionnaire
  3. Links to the electronic versions of the questionnaires are located in the GlobalNet learning management system located at Access is by username and password. There are options to complete feedback forms online or offline
  4. At the conclusion of their training, a link to an electronic AQTF Learner Questionnaire will be issued to students OR students can complete a paper based copy
  5. Where applicable, employers will be provided with the AQTF Employer Questionnaire
  6. Where Survey Monkey is used to collect feedback, it will email authorised users a note that a survey has been completed.  It will then be analyses and the appropriate action taken
  7. Feedback submitted as hard copy either though the post or by hand is reviewed upon receipt and any appropriate action taken
  8. AQTF Leaner Questionnaires collected electronically will also be used for improvement analysis and reported to the relevant authorities
  9. Feedback will be discussed with relevant staff to identify any areas for improvement and/or any identified good practices

Lodging an assessment appeal

  1. If you disagree with an assessment decision, your first port of call is to discuss this with your trainer.  Our trainers are approachable and will be able to explain to you why they have made the decision they have.  This should be done as soon after the assessment decision has been made.
  2. Where an assessment decision cannot be resolved informally, an official appeal should be lodged in writing, within 10 working days of the decision.
  3. You can lodge your appeal by
    1. Clicking onto Contact Us, selecting Lodging an assessment appeal and describe why you want the assessment to be reviewed in the Message section.
    2. Sending a completed Appeal form (download it here) to The CEO, P.O Box 313 Moonah 7009 Tasmania

Here is a simple flow chart on the complaint and appeal process: Complaint and Appeal Process

Lodging a complaint

  1. Initial problems or issues should be taken up with the person concerned and an attempt made at resolution. This should be done as soon after the event or issue in question
  2. Any complaint which appears to be related to any illegal activity such as theft, assault etc. will be referred to the appropriate authority after discussion with the person making the complaint
  3. Where a complaint cannot be resolved informally, an official complaint should be lodged in writing, within 10 working days of the event or issue to which the complaint pertains
  4. Complainants can lodge complaints in writing by
    1. Clicking onto Contact Us, selecting I want to make a complaint and complete the Message section.
    2. Sending a completed Feedback and Complaints form (download it here) to The CEO, P.O Box 313 Moonah 7009 Tasmania

We will investigate your complaint as a priority.  We take all complaints very seriously and will work with you to resolve them to your satisfaction.  Note that if you are making a complaint against another individual (whether they work for GlobalNet Academy or not) they have the right to be informed of the complaint and have a right to respond.

If you just wish to “advise” us of an issue or something that you think needs “fixing” or “investigating” you are welcome to contact us by phone (you can still contact us in writing but we will treat your contact as “feedback” as opposed to a “complaint”.  Where warranted, we will make “informal” investigations and corrections.  For a complaint to be formally investigated, you MUST make it in writing. 

How long will we take to respond?

We will respond to your complaint or appeal, by email, within 10 working days.

Is there anyone else that can help?

If you have a complaint about serious misconduct of a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) the Australian Skills Quality Authority is the national regulator for all RTOs.  You can make a complaint to them about any RTO in Australia.  Please note that if you haven’t contacted the RTO in question first, they are likely to send you there before they will investigate.  You can find out more information about ASQA’s complaints processes here: