Fees, Refunds and cancellations

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that we inform before you enrol of your rights and obligations in relation to any fees and charges that you may be required to pay to participate in our courses.

Our commitment to you regarding fees.

We will always provide you with details of the cost of the course prior to you being enrolled in the course.   The course fees  are included in the course information and registration page on https://www.globalnetacademy.edu.au.  We will inform you how you can pay for the course and when the fees are due BEFORE you become legally responsible to pay those fees.

Paying for a course

For courses which cost you (or your nominee) more than $1000, we will charge you (or your nominee) in instalments. We will issue you with an invoice charging you for each instalment which is payable at the beginning of the period related to the instalment.  An instalment may consistent of a period of time, relate to a unit of competence or be the full amount of the course divided into equal amounts.  For courses costing less than $1000, we will charge you in advance for the cost of the course.

Fees for funded courses

If you enrol in a course that is fully funded or subsidised by a government body, you are only required to pay the non-subsidised portion of the course cost.  In these courses, we rely on the funding to make the course sustainable.  Where the funding of the course relies on you attending or commencing a unit of competence and completing assessments, we will charge you for the full cost of the course where there is evidence that you failed to attend a major portion of the classes and/or failed to undertake any assessment work.

Withdrawing from a course right after it starts

For courses lasting longer than 6 months, you can withdraw from the course during the first 3 weeks of the course (cooling off period) if you feel the course is not for you.  For courses lasting less than 6 months but are not “short courses”, you can leave the course after the first scheduled class. You must make known your intention to withdraw from the course within 5 business after the end of the period. This period (including the 5 days) is our “cooling off” period.   We will not charge you the cost of the course if you withdraw during the cooling off period. We will, however, charge you an administration fee of $120 plus GST if you withdraw from the course using the cooling off period.  There is no cooling off period for short courses.

Withdrawing from a course after the cooling off period has expired.

In general, our policy is to NOT offer refunds once a course has started.  As a private organisation, we need to ensure that our courses are sustainable.  Our no refund after course starts policy reflects the fact that there is a considerable amount time and effort required to fill and run a course.  Providing refunds to people who exit a course early can jeopardise the sustainability of the course for the other participants.

Withdrawing from a course on compassionate grounds

If you withdraw from a course on compassionate grounds such as if you or someone you care for gets seriously sick, we may allow you to withdraw from the course without penalty.   We will require you to provide evidence of this (such as a medical certificate).  All withdrawals on compassionate grounds are considered on a case by case basis.  Withdrawing on compassionate grounds DOES NOT mean that you will be given a refund, only that you NOT will be required to pay any more fees from that time forward.  You will still be responsible to pay for any invoices outstanding up until that time.

To request a fee refund email GlobalNet CEO at:  info@globalnetacademy.edu.au

Paying a deposit

We may charge a deposit for some courses.  The deposit will reserve your place in the course and is part of the cost of the course.  We will issue you with an invoice if we require you to pay a deposit.  You must pay the invoice in order to secure your place in the course.  We will not ask you to pay more than $1500 as a deposit.  We will also not ask you to pay more than $1500 in advance of training (such as in the case of an instalment) for any of our courses.

What if you pay the deposit but then are refused entry to the course

If you are not accepted into a course for any reason and you have paid a deposit, the deposit will be repaid in full and no administration fee charged.

What if we cancel the course before it starts or change the location

We will refund any monies you have paid if we cannot deliver the course you are enrolled in prior to the commencement of that course.  We will also refund your money upon request if we move the location of the course to a location which seriously inconveniences you or changes the fundamental nature of the course.

To request a fee refund email GlobalNet CEO at: info@globalnetacademy.edu.au

What if we cannot deliver the course after the course starts

We will refund a portion of any monies you paid if we cancel the course or cannot deliver the agreed upon training and assessment services, but have provided you opportunity to complete your assessments.  The portion we refund will be calculated by dividing the course fee by the number of units in the course and refunding you for any units where we have not yet provided you with the opportunity to be assessed.

To request a fee refund email GlobalNet CEO at: info@globalnetacademy.edu.au

The administration fee

If you withdraw from the course, we will charge you an administration fee of $120 plus GST.  This fee covers the cost of administering the enrolment and unenrolment process.  It also covers the cost of issuing you with a statement of attainment if you withdraw and have completed any units of competence.

Reprinting a certificate

If you ask us to re-print a certificate or statement of attainment for you after we have issued it, we will charge you $30.  This will include postage to wherever you are in Australia through normal post.

Issuing receipts

We generally do not issue receipts unless you ask us to.  We will also issue you a statement of account if you ask us to.