Garden to Plate

Bridgewater Course Location

Our Bridgewater Garden to Plate course is being run at the Bridgewater Community Centre: 6 Bowden Drive.  Here’s a link to their Facebook page: which has a map and their contact details.

What is Garden to Plate?

Our Garden to Plate is part of our Step by Step Horticulture Program.  It is a FREE 15 week course where you learn about basic horticulture skills and how to use different vegetables to prepare tasty, easy to cook meals

What does it teach?

The course teaches you how to look after your garden, some basic landscaping, and introduction to healthy and nutritious eating, basic sustainable and organic gardening, preserving produce and establishing a productive vegetable garden. The aim is to help you maximise your garden produce, eat healthy and hopefully keep your food budget down.  Students successfully completing the course will receive an AHC10216 Cert 1 in Agrifood Operations Certificate upon completion.

When will it run?

Starts Thursday the 30th of August at the Bridgewater Community Centre – 6 Bowden Drive Bridgewater.  Classes will run from 9am – 3pm.  The course will finish the 13th of December 2018.

How to enrol

Places are limited so please enrol using the form below today.  The course is focused on those who meet any of the following criteria:
  • A women wanting to return to the workforce
  • A member of a migrant community
  • Someone who is unemployed or underemployed
  • An older person
  • A person with a disability
  • A young person looking to work in the industry
  • A person living in a geographically isolated area

About the Certificate I in Agrifood Operations

The Certificate I in Agrifood Operations (AHC10216) is an entry-level qualification aimed at individuals entering the agriculture, horticulture and conservation and land management industries. It allows individuals to develop basic skills and knowledge to prepare for work. They may undertake a range of simple tasks under close supervision.

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What units are included in the course?

There are 6 units in this qualification.  The units that we have included in this course are (you can click on the unit code and name to find out more about the unit):

Time and Commitment

The time commitment for this course will vary from student to student depending on the amount of knowledge and skill they bring to the course.   All students are required to attend the weekly class.  We encourage you to do as much practical work outside of class hours as possible.  This will help consolidate what you are learning in class.  In some cases, you may need to set aside time for reading some suggested resources or the class notes.  This course is not designed to be difficult or complex so we don’t think that you will need a lot of extra time.

Who is it suited for?

The qualification is suited to learners with no previous connection to the agriculture, horticulture or conservation and land management industries or relevant employment history.  It is particularly relevant to:

  • Individuals wishing to commence their career in the horticultural or a specialty horticultural industry.
  • Individuals who are preparing to establish a business within the horticultural or a specialty horticultural industry.
  • Individuals currently working in allied horticultural job roles without any existing horticultural qualifications and experience in this industry
  • Schools and College sector students wishing to gain skills within the horticultural or a specialty horticultural industry area.
  • Individuals wishing to gain skills within the horticultural or a specialty horticultural industry through the attainment of selected individual units.
  • Individuals working in areas where horticulture industry skills are needed for specialty programs such as Therapy, disadvantaged youth, etc.
  • Individuals operating in horticultural job roles in an organisation, enterprise or company wishing to gain recognition for current skills, knowledge and/or attributes.

Can I get recognition for knowledge and skills I already have?

Yes.  If you believe you have a previously acquired skills, either through work and/or life experience or through formal training, you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).  You can find out more about what RPL can mean for you in our student handbook.  You can access that here: If you believe you have the relevant skills and abilities that you have learned in your past, please discuss this with us. We will discuss the evidence requirements you will need to provide and any supporting documentation required.

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