Guidelines for issuing certificates and qualifications

GlobalNet will ensure any and all Certificates, Qualifications and Statements of Attainment are issued in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Qualifications Framework Guide, State Training Authority and/or the requirements of the relevant Training Package or accredited course.

When a student has attained the level of competence required by a unit, a certificate and/or statement will be issued by the us. As assessments are undertaken by students, a staff member will transfer the assessment results to our student database.

At the completion of every course or qualification, or at the completion of a unit of competence, our assessors will confirm that the requirements to receive the qualification or unit(s) of competence have been met, that the student has been given any appropriate feedback and that the assessment tool(s) have been signed and dated by when completing the appropriate Record of Outcome(s).

A Statement of Attainment or Certificate will be printed signed off by the CEO and sent to the student.

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