Our Horse hoof care course offers students the opportunity to study horse care and equine hoof trimming in detail. It offers a fantastic balance of horse management theory, class time, and practical hands on skills using real life horse hoof trimming situations. As Australia’s first natural equine hoof care course supported by nationally accredited units of competence, the Australian Certified Equine Hoofcare Practitioner program has been running for 8 years. Our horse hoof care course is without a doubt, one of the best sources of practical hoof care education in the world. Being underpinned by nationally recognised training (the hoof care course is supported by 6 units from the Certificate III in Agriculture (AHC30110)), graduates come away with a certificate that allows them pathways to further study and the kudos of being a certified hoof care practitioner.


Our horse hoof care trainers

This course gives students access and exposure to amazing teachers, information and experience. It enables students to gain two of the most important things for any career: Qualifications AND Experience. Our experienced teachers work with horses and in the hoof care field every day. Our trainers are known around Australia for their work and expertise with horses and horse management, providing students with ongoing support during and after the course. They really want to see you succeed. They are professional trimmers who not only work in the field but also ride and compete on their own horses. Our trainers understand the development of the ultimate functional hoof.

What is the horse hoof care course like?

It is a hands-on, fun and educational horse care course. It is a great environment in which to learn the skills that you need to manage your own and your clients horses. It’s not overwhelmed with science, measurements or myths, but has enough to get students thinking and have them challenged. Fundamentally, what is taught is relevant to the field of horse care and hoof care. Students will graduate as trained professionals ready to start their own business or improve the one they already have.

The course was designed and developed to look not only at the horse’s hoof, but the big picture, including the horse’s diet, environment, movement, its owners expectations and the role of the hoof care provider. Most importantly, it teaches students that the horse is the critic of your work. It doesn’t matter how much the student knows or how long they have been trimming. The measure of success is how much the horse likes the trim and how much the client likes the service.

The course focuses on diet, environment, trim, movement and horse knowledge. It is about the holistic horse, using practical hands on skills combined with the latest scientific research to ensure students get the most rounded and complete education possible.

Support from horse experts

Our course also includes highly qualified and experienced guest speakers such as:

Prof Chris Pollitt – BVSc (Massey) PhD (Qld)- Laminits and anatomy expert
Dr Neal Valk DVM DACVS – Vet and Barefoot trimmer from Tennessee; and
Carol Layton B.Sc M.Ed – an equine nutrition expert.

Professor Chris Pollitt from Queensland University delivers lectures on laminitis, anatomy, brumby research analysis as well as showing students complete dissections, and computer aided 3d anatomical models. Carol Layton, highly regarded as one of Australia’s leading equine nutritionists, delivers nutrition lectures and Dr. Neal Valk from the United States will be giving full day lectures on pathologies, radiographs and lameness evaluation.

Other lecturers are invited to cover body work, welfare and students also get the opportunity to attend a variety of professional horse establishments to do comparative trims and assessments.

Where can our Equine Hoofcare course take students?

Quality hoof trimming is in high demand in every State of Australia, a niche market that is increasing dramatically with many shortages of professionals in high equine population areas.

From Jen – one of our trainers

The students coming through the course have a massive advantage I didn’t have when I started out in natural hoof care in 2000. I had only just mastered trimming my own horses and I got a call ( my first client) who wanted a pony trimmed with long, neglected hooves. The owner didn’t think the hooves looked normal, the vet wanted to euthenase it, and there was gossip of this barefoot advocate who might be the pony’s last chance (me). I was way out of my depth!

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You can now REGISTER YOUR INTEREST for our 2016 Hoof care course starting 1st February 2016.  The course will go from the 1st of February 2016 to the 14th of February 2016.


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