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GlobalNet Academy and the Muresk Institute are offering students the opportunity to undertake our hoof care course at the Muresk Institute in Western Australia.  Situated on 898 hectares of farm land, the Muresk Institute is an education and training facility situated in the Wheatbelt (approximately 100km east of Perth). The Institute boasts modern education and training, conference and specialised research facilities the Institute offers:

The goal of this course is for students to gain employment as a natural hoof care practitioner, or be skilled to maintain your own horse’s hooves. Many job opportunities exist in Australia for enthusiastic, qualified and skilled hoof care practitioners.

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How long does the course go for?
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You can register your interest for our Western Australia Hoofcare Course by completing the form on this page. 

What does our Hoofcare course cover?

The course covers such areas as

  • Developing safe skills – occupational health and safety
  • Wild horse research – relevance to the domestic horse
  • Hoof mechanism – anatomy and function
  • Benefits of barefoot trimming
  • Developing a foundation for sound hooves and natural environment
  • Hoof Pathologies – recognising, treating & rehabilitating
  • Hoof protection – Shoeing and Hoof boots
  • Tools and equipment
  • Assessing conformation, movement, soundness
  • Cadaver and live horse trimming
  • Specific trimming information for foals, donkeys etc
  • Horse handling, manual handling
  • The holistic horse – nutrition, saddle fit, teeth, horse industry networks
  • Customer service, business practice

How long does the course go for?

The course runs for 12 months. It begins with a 2 week intensive face to face component which starts Tuesday September 26th and finishes Saturday October 7th 2017. If you are travelling from interstate, plan to fly home on Sunday the 8th of October.  

Following the two week intensive component, there is a 12 month period where you complete assignments at your own pace. Of course, the Hoofcare team support you throughout this process through phone and email. We also have quite a vibrant Facebook group which includes previous students as well.

What is our national recognition?

The course is underpinned by 6 units from the Certificate III in Agriculture. At the end of the course, if you have successfully completed the assessments, you will receive a statement of attainment that lists the units and that you have successfully completed them. These units are nationally recognised around Australia. The units are:

  • AHCHBR302A – Carry out basic hoof care procedures
  • AHCHBR306A – Prevent and treat equine injury and disease
  • AHCHBR307A – Assess suitability of horses for stock work
  • AHCLSK311A – Implement feeding plans for livestock
  • AHCLSK331A – Comply with industry animal welfare requirements
  • AHCOHS301A – Contribute to OHS processes

How much does the course cost?

The course costs $3900. There is a $1000 deposit required and then the remainder is payable by 10 equal installments.

Payment Schedule

You will receive the invoice for the deposit course via email.  This will be an invoice for $1000 and GST is not payable on this invoice.  You are required to pay your deposit to reserve a place in the course.  We limit the number of places in this course.   The remainder of the course monies will be paid in monthly instalments of $290.00.  This equates to 10 equal instalments totalling $290.00.  These payments are done via direct debit.

How is the course delivered

This course is comprised of two modes of delivery:

  • A two week face to face component (see dates above) and
  • A 12 month self-paced study with email, online and telephone support

Other important information

If there are sufficient numbers to run the course, we will contact you to complete the enrolment process.  As part of this process, please make yourself familiar with some of our more important policies.  Not only are we required to make you aware of these but it is also good for you to know.  One of the most important policies is our refund policy.   You will be required to accept our refund policy as part of your enrolment application.   You can access some of our policies here: https://globalnetacademy.edu.au/our-policies/

We haven’t put all of our policies online so if you have questions about how we do something that is not covered in the policies online, please ask us before you commit to undertaking the course.

After you have enrolled

Once we have determined that the course will proceed and you have completed your enrolment, we will issue you with a username and password so that you can login to our website.  We manually approve all account creations so this is a two-step process.  We will let you know once the account is active.

Once the account is active, you can find out more information about the course, what you need to bring, essential reading etc. here: https://globalnetacademy.edu.au/hoofcare-course-components/.  You will need to login to access this page.  This is important information so please take some time to go through it

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Muresk offers excellent accommodation options for both short or long term requirements.  Accommodation options include  

  • 118 single rooms located in the three historic halls of residence (shared bathroom, kitchen and lounge facilities);
  • four cottages (two self-contained) with a total of 21 single rooms and 4 doubles
  • three houses.

You can read more about the Muresk Institute’s accommodation options here

Muresk facilities


What others have said about our courses

“The course for me was great fun and a wonderful learning opportunity. I have met some inspiring and interesting people (and horses!) along the way. I loved the hands on trimming and the presentation of information.”
Kristal Berry, Tasmania

“Obtaining this Certificate has greatly assisted my credibility as a Professional Trimmer. I love what I do and my client list grows each week. I now have a more solid understanding of so many facets of horse care, hoof care, feed…….the list goes on.”
Ann Batt, Qld

“”This course offered everything I needed to become a professional hoof care provider. I have the confidence in assessing conformation and movement, I am able to identify hoof pathologies and provide a trimming treatment plan, provide advice and support to owners considering the barefoot lifestyle for horses that have been shod long or short term and I can give advice on feeding and housing regimes for maximum hoof health. All of this is backed up by a fantastic support team from my extremely knowledgeable lecturers.”
Julie Scott, Victoria