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Natural Horse Tour – Desert Brumby

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The ancient OUTBACK – a wild part of Australia!

Come with us on a Natural Horse tour and you”ll leave with memories that last a lifetime and appreciation of this special part of the world. You will soak in the vast uninhabited landscape, absorb the colours, bounce along dusty, red roads, climb rocky ranges, walk through sandy creek beds and stealth around waterholes waiting to capture a moment with Australia’s feral horse’s.

The outback is a truly amazing place, to be humbled by the elements and to witness Australia’s desert Brumbies in their “purest state” is something to treasure.  So much can be learnt from observing horses in their natural habitats. These living creatures will cement all your beliefs on natural horse keeping and natural hoof care.

WILD ABOUT HOOVES four day tour offers a rare chance to study Australia’s wild horses and gain understanding of their hardiness, especially their tough, sound high milage hooves. The desert Brumby is as synonymous with the outback as “Waltzing Matilda”, Indigenous culture and the Royal Flying Docter Service. An icon well worth seeing on anyones bucket list.

What sets this tour apart from anything else is the focus is on observing the Brumbies “doing their thing”. It is four jam-packed days touring the “must sees” and “off the beaten track” secrets for the ultimate outback experience. The guides are experienced and share their passion and knowledge on the desert Brumby.

If you can imagine yourself in a Swag under sparkling stars, laughing around the campfire, enjoying delicious camp cooked meals, watching the shimmering horizon and the pallet of desert colours from golden brown and ochre to pink skies… Be a part of it.

There is so much to soak in and enjoy.

2015 TOUR DATE – 23RD – 26TH MAY  for details: jenclingly@yahoo.com.au