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About our horticulture courses

Our nationally recognised horticulture courses provide a unique opportunity for those entering the horticulture profession for the first time, and for those who wish to formalise their horticultural skills. If you have a strong interest in horticulture, then these courses are for you!


Depending on the course you choose, our courses cover such areas as: plant identification, basic botany skills, propagation of plants, soils and growing media, pruning principles and practices, pest and disease management, indoor plant management, container and nursery production, landscape and garden management, machinery and equipment, turf care and irrigation.

What horticulture training courses do we have?

AHC10216 Certificate I in Agrifood Operations

Although called Agrifoods the units chosen for this course are selected to give a basic introduction to professional horticulture. The course is both practical and enjoyable providing an ideal starting point for those interested in exploring the world of horticulture who have little experience of either the industry or of formal study. It is also suited to keen gardeners who want to increase their skills.

You can find out more about the Certificate I in Agrifood Operations here: https://globalnetacademy.edu.au/horticulture/certificate-i/
Participants who fully complete all assessment within our Certificate 1 courses are offered a selected place within the next available Certificate 2 course. Note that there are no pre-requisites for the Certificate II though (apart from a passion for Horticulture) so you DO NOT have to have completed a Certificate I to do the Certificate II

AHC20416 Certificate II in Horticulture

Our Certificate II in Horticulture course is our entry level course for the very serious gardener or those wanting to explore a career in the horticulture industry. It covers basic skills as well as a range of specialist skills in horticulture and covers topics such

  • plant identification
  • basic botany skills
  • propagation of plants
  • soils and growing media
  • pruning principles and practices
  • pest and disease management
  • indoor plant management
  • container and nursery production
  • landscape and garden management
  • machinery and equipment
  • irrigation

You can read a more about our Certificate II in horticulture course here: https://globalnetacademy.edu.au/inside-our-horticulture-certificate-2-course-whats-it-really-like/

You can read more about what our AHC20416 Certificate II in Horticulture here: https://globalnetacademy.edu.au/horticulture/certificate-ii-in-horticulture/

AHC30716 Certificate III in Horticulture

The (AHC30716) Certificate III in Horticulture class is an advanced course that will enhance your knowledge of plants, landscaping and botany. In this accredited training course, students embark upon an in-depth plant study, from learning about topics such as plant identification, morphology and physiology, plant nutrition and a range of other things.

You can read more about what our AHC30710 Certificate III in Horticulture here: https://globalnetacademy.edu.au/horticulture/certificate-iii-in-horticulture/

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