Information Technology Usage Policy

Information Technology Usage Policy

GlobalNet may provide a range of information technology facilities to assist staff members and students conduct authorised academic and administrative pursuits. GlobalNet depends on reliable and effective information technology facilities for its academic and administrative functions. GlobalNet expects that each user be aware of the contents of this document. Where any information technology facility is subject to further guidelines, approved by staff members responsible for the management of the facility, such guidelines are accorded a status equivalent to this policy.


GlobalNet requires all users of it’s technology facilities to adhere to acceptable behaviour and usage in order to promote reliability, effectiveness and respect for other users.


  • Information technology includes the systematic application of computing, telecommunications, media and other electronic technologies to the collection, processing, transformation, organisation, storage, transfer, and presentation of information in all its forms, in order to enhance the performance of individuals and organisations in a wide range of activities
  • Information technology facilities inlcudes all equipment and materials, software, services, data and dedicated building space used in connection with information technology, which is owned by, leased by or used under licence to GlobalNet; or owned by, leased by or used under licence to other bodies and which is available for use through an agreement or agreements with GlobalNet; or wherever situated where access is by means of GlobalNet information technology facilities
  • User includes any person using the information technology facilities
  • Director: Corporate Services is the person appointed by GlobalNet as having responsibility for the security and management of all or part of GlobalNet’s information technology facilities under this policy

Who can use our technology?

Subject to this policy, the following persons are entitled to use GlobalNet’s information technology facilities:

  • enrolled students
  • staff members (academic and general)
  • Affiliated users determined from time to time by the Director: Corporate Services
  • Other users may be provided access to certain information stored on GlobalNet information technology facilities through the Internet and the World Wide Web. Such access does not constitute permission to use information technology facilities in any other way or for any other purpose.

Authorised work

  • For a student, ‘authorised work’ is work which is lawful and which is consistent with the specified requirements of the program for which the student is enrolled. In cases of doubt, the student’s lecturer or supervisor can advise what authorised work is
  • For staff members, ‘authorised work’ is work which is lawful and is teaching, research, consultancy, administration, information technology support
    activities or other agreed GlobalNet employment-related work
  • For affiliated users, ‘authorised work’ is work which is lawful and is defined by the terms of the agreement between the affiliated user and GlobalNet


  1. GlobalNet accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss arising directly or indirectly from the use of any information technology facilities or for any consequential loss or damage. GlobalNet makes no warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the information technology facilities offered or their fitness for any particular purpose.
  2. GlobalNet will not be responsible for the loss of any data or software stored in the information technology facilities. Although standard back-up procedures may be in operation on some information technology facilities, the user is responsible for the maintenance of copies of any data or software controlled by the user.
  3. While reasonable care, consistent with good business practice, is taken, GlobalNet does not guarantee the confidentiality of any data stored on any GlobalNet information technology system or transmitted through any network. For the purpose of managing the information technology facilities it may be necessary to monitor files and usage.
  4. GlobalNet reserves the right to examine or copy files or data on GlobalNet information technology facilities to maintain a secure, efficient and effective information technology environment and to ensure compliance with this policy. In many cases user files will be copied to provide backup for disaster recovery, and network traffic will be sampled to ensure correct functioning of equipment.

User Responsibilities

Information technology facilities may be used only for authorised work. Where users have doubt concerning their authorisation to use any information technology facility, they should seek the advice of the staff members responsible for managing that facility. On request, users must provide evidence of their authority to use information technology facilities.

  1. Users of information technology facilities shall have due regard to the right of others to use information technology facilities in accordance with
    this policy
  2. Users must not behave in a manner which, in the opinion of relevant staff members, unduly inconveniences other people, or which causes or is likely to
    cause damage to GlobalNet facilities, materials or equipment
  3. Persons may not eat or drink in information technology teaching laboratories
  4. Users must not behave in an abusive or offensive manner or in any way which may cause loss, injury or damage to any person. It is a condition of use of GlobalNet information technology facilities that all users comply with the provisions of GlobalNet’s Sexual Harassment Policy & Grievance Procedures and Equal Opportunity Policy. In the event of there being any conflict between this policy and the Sexual Harassment Policy the provisions of the Sexual Harassment Policy shall take precedence
  5. Users must not make their password available to others or use any account set up for another user or make any attempt to find out the password of a
    facility or an account for which they do not have authorised access. Rights to use information technology facilities are non-transferable without the
    authority of the Director of Corporate Services
  6. Persons must not attempt to interfere with the operation of information technology facilities. This includes removal of any equipment, furniture or any other materials from offices, laboratories or information technology teaching laboratories without explicit permission of relevant staff members.
    Permission is automatically granted to remove user’s own printouts, files, diskettes and belongings. Equipment may be connected to and disconnected from
    GlobalNet’s voice and data communications network only within guidelines established by the Director: Corporate Services
  7. Students must not install software on any GlobalNet information technology facilities, unless the installation is designated as part of their
    authorised work
  8. Misuse of any networks or information technology facilities at other sites where access is by means of GlobalNet information technology facilities will be treated as misuse of information technology facilities at GlobalNet
  9. Persons may use the information technology facilities only in ways which do not breach the law or cause loss, injury or damage to other persons
  10. In those areas designated by the Director: Corporate Services as restricted access areas, only those staff members rostered for duty there have the
    right of normal access. Where access by other persons is necessary, approval must be obtained in advance from the Director: Corporate Services
  11. Users must not attempt to subvert the security of any of GlobalNet’s information technology facilities or attempt to bypass restrictions or quotas
    placed on usage
  12. Users must not access any data in the information technology facilities unless that data belongs to them or has been specifically and intentionally
    designated for public use or for the use of a group to which they belong
  13. Users inadvertently obtaining any data to which they are not entitled, or becoming aware of a breach of security pertaining to data from any
    information technology facility should immediately report this to the Director or staff members GlobalNet. Unauthorised release or use of data
    inadvertently obtained may lead to legal action being taken
  14. Users must not under any circumstance, in messages or otherwise, represent themselves as someone else, fictional or real, without providing their real
    identity or username
  15. Where software with potential commercial value is developed on, or with the use of, GlobalNet information technology facilities, users should be aware
    of GlobalNet’s policy on Intellectual Property
  16. Staff members and students must not use information technology facilities for the purpose of profit making which does not fall within the definitions
    of authorised work
  17. GlobalNet information technology facilities may be used for commercial activities under guidelines approved by GlobalNet

Infringement of Copyright and Software licencing

  1. Users must not use the information technology facilities to infringe the copyright of any person. Users must be aware of the law of copyright as it affects information technology software. Software must not be copied except with the express permission of the copyright owner
  2. Users may not make use of or copy any information technology software contrary to the provisions of any agreement entered into by GlobalNet in order to obtain that software. The onus is on users to consult with Corporate Services to clarify the permitted terms of use if they wish to use any software for purposes other than those for which GlobalNet has a licence
  3. Hard disk copies of software used in a multi-access or network environment to allow simultaneous access by more than one user can be provided only if
    specifically permitted in the contract or software licence, or if a copy of the software has been purchased for every simultaneous user of the hard disk
  4. Users may not use information technology facilities in ways which are contrary to any agreement which GlobalNet may enter into with networking groups
  5. Software used on GlobalNet information technology facilities may be subject to the Copyright Act, 1968 (Commonwealth) and therefore usage may be subject to conditions
    1. Members of GlobalNet are personally responsible for complying with the Copyright Act relating to the use of information technology software and to the terms and conditions of the particular contract or software licence relating to each item of leased or purchased software
    2. The Copyright Act makes specific provision for the making of a backup copy of either the original or an adaptation of an information technology
      program. This reproduction can be made only for the purpose of being used in the event that the original copy is lost, destroyed or rendered unusable. Such a backup copy cannot be made from an infringing copy of the software or where the copyright owner has given express directions to the contrary
    3. Other than for authorised backup copying, the reproduction of information technology software constitutes a breach of the Copyright Act and may result in legal action against the offender

Consequences of Misuse

  1. Where an alleged breach of this policy has been brought to the attention of the Director: Corporate Services or staff members responsible for managing any part of GlobalNet’s information technology facilities, the Director (or nominee) may:
    1. Act to prevent any continuation of the alleged breach of this policy pending investigation
    2. Advise the person of this policy and require the person to discontinue immediately the alleged breach
    3. Promptly notify other relevant authorities, including the supervisor of the class in which the student is studying or in the case of a staff member the Chief Executive Officer
    4. Bar the offender from using GlobalNet facilities