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GlobalNet Academy can offer practical and engaging training in a range of Aged Care and Disability compliance related topics.  We recognise that many organisations struggle with understanding and maintaining their compliance obligations in rapidly changing and dynamic working environments.   We know that it is vital to an organisation’s success and client welfare that staff at all levels are familiar with and adhere to their organisation’s compliance requirements.

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GlobalNet can delivery compliance training suited to needs and help you build a skilled, motivated, and confident workforce. Our qualified and experienced lawyer and trainers can deliver practical, relevant, and engaging workshops that will help you understand and meet your compliance obligations.  We can offer a range of courses including consent, substituted decision making, legal issues in professional care and medication management, open disclosure, professional boundaries, legalities associated with bullying and harassment, managing compliance and risk in contracts and a range of others.

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Knowing your staff are fully trained to meet your compliance requirements and needs will help increase productivity, improve staff morale and save you time and money.  We also provide face to face workshops, so your staff get to ask questions and interact with real people and learn and practice techniques in a relaxed and friendly environment.

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Please complete the form below and choose the topics most relevant to you.  We will prioritise those topics which are the most popular to organisations for our 2022 calendar.

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