Our policies

Access and Equity

GlobalNet supports open and equitable access to vocational education and training for ALL individuals. We endeavour to provide a supportive learning environment free from all forms of discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, that sees enrolment based on nationally set entry requirements and/or recognised competence gained through formal training, work-based learning and other prior learning pathways.

Access to records policy and procedure

The purpose of this policy is to ensure individual privacy to students and clients whilst providing access to relevant information and records as well as the transparency of business practices.

Advertising and Marketing

GlobalNet markets and advertises its products and services in an ethical manner.

Being safe at work

GlobalNet is committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of all employees, contractors and visitors who are at, or who may be affected by, its work sites.  A person’s safety is not negotiable and all employees are responsible for their own health and safety and the health and safety of others including colleagues, contractors and visitors in the workplace. …

Bullying and harrassment

GlobalNet Academy supports the rights of all people to work and train in an environment free from harassment. We consider all forms of discrimination and sexual harassment unacceptable. All people engaged with GlobalNet Academy are required to adhere to this policy.


GlobalNet Academy is committed to maintaining a continuous compliance regime under the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 (Cth). We take our obligations under these standards very seriously.

Continuous Improvement

The purpose of this policy is to affirm the commitment of GlobalNet to the ongoing process of quality improvement. Opportunities for continuous improvement can be identified from varied sources.


Covid-19 Policy

Credit card transfer form

Credit card transfer form

Feedback, Complaints and Appeals

GlobalNet actively engages in obtaining, reviewing and addressing client and student feedback and complaints. By having a fair and transparent mechanism for handing issues and/or complaints, we can continually improve our courses so that the best outcomes are possible for participants.

Fees, Refunds and cancellations

This is GlobalNet Academy’s fees and refunds policy

General student information

Vocational Education and Training "Vocational Educational and Training (VET) forms an integral piece of the Australian Education system and is designed to deliver workplace specific skills and knowledge based competencies. VET is a sophisticated system governed by interconnected government and independent bodies functioning within a strict National Skills Framework of qualifications defined by industry Training Packages and explicit quality delivery standards, the Australian Quality Training Framework ...

Guidelines for issuing certificates and qualifications

GlobalNet will ensure any and all Certificates, Qualifications and Statements of Attainment are issued in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Qualifications Framework Guide, State Training Authority and/or the requirements of the relevant Training Package or accredited course. When a student has attained the level of competence required by a unit, a certificate and/or statement will be issued by the us. …

Incident and emergency procedure

This procedure outlines the process for reporting an incident that occurs while training.

Information technology usage policy

GlobalNet may provide a range of information technology facilities to assist staff members and students conduct authorised academic and administrative pursuits. GlobalNet depends on reliable and effective information technology facilities for its academic and administrative functions. GlobalNet expects that each user be aware of the contents of this document. Where any information technology facility is subject to further guidelines, approved by …

Information we share about your training

Information we share about your trainingUnder the Data Provision Requirements 2012, GlobalNet Academy is required to collect personal information about you and to disclose that personal information to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd (NCVER). Your personal information (including the personal information contained on this enrolment form), may be used or disclosed by GlobalNet Academy for statistical, administrative, regulatory and research ...

Internet Usage Policy

This policy defines the conditions under which an employee, contractor, vendor or other person may access and use the Internet via a company’s private network. This policy contains the following sections: Introduction Usage Threats Internet Services Usage Policies Internal Usage Coverage Acknowledgement Form GlobalNet’s computer network allows access to resources and services through Internet connectivity. This document formally defines our official …

Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct Policy & Procedure

Purpose The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to trainers to assist them in minimising plagiarism and in managing it in a consistent and equitable manner and to manage plagiarism appropriately for the protection of GlobalNet’s reputation and standards for current and future students. Definitions GlobalNet: GlobalNet Pty Ltd or GlobalNet ICT Pty Ltd trading as GlobalNet Academy …

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer

Recognition of Prior Learning GlobalNet appreciates that students may come to us with varied backgrounds and different vocational experience.  Every student will be afforded the opportunity to gain recognition for their work experience.  This is called the recognition of prior learning. Where students seek recognition towards a unit or qualification and feel that they can demonstrate evidence of competence, we will assist them, wherever possible, …

Records management policy

This policy applies to all GlobalNet and its employees and contractors, who may create, modify or destroy GlobalNet student and organisational documents covered by the Standards for Registered Training Organisation (RTOs) 2015 (Cth) Retention period GlobalNet will securely retain student assessment documents for the duration of GlobalNet’s assessment appeal period; or a period of six months from the date a decision ...

Student handbook

Student Handbook Our Vision To provide an exceptional training experience that is accessible and equitable To develop course content and material that is relevant, informative, interesting and fun Where possible, allow you to choose your learning pathway and method of assessment to prove competence To encourage a thirst for knowledge and up-skilling If you require further information regarding GlobalNet Academy, …

Training and Assessment

This policy governs the training and assessment practices aligned with Nationally Recognised Training run by GlobalNet . It sets out how and why we assess the way we do. Scope This policy applies to Nationally Recognised Training delivered by GlobalNet. Consultancy and Non Nationally Recognised Training services are outside the scope of this policy. Training Materials GlobalNet will source training ...

Transition to Training Packages

GlobalNet will transition to a new training package within 12 months of the new training package being released. Scope This policy applies to any accredited training that GlobalNet delivers but does not apply to any non-accredited training that GlobalNet provides. Monitoring of Training packages GlobalNet will monitor http://www.training.gov.au so that it becomes aware as soon as a new training package is released. Period of …

Validation and Moderation of Assessment

GlobalNet is committed to undertaking effective and proactive validation and moderation of its assessment tools and practices.