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Always wear protective clothing ie long pants and sleeves, boots, gloves, mask and eye protection – especially when handling toxic weeds or using chemicals. Wash dirty clothes separately to avoid contamination.

Cleaning up after using sprays

The importance of cleaning and decontaminating spray equipment after herbicide applications cannot be over-stated. Crops and pastures have been severely damaged and destroyed by spray equipment that was not thoroughly cleaned before use. Take particular care to follow the directions on the product label for cleaning and decontaminating spray equipment.

At the least it is very important to drain and flush the tank, hoses, and boom with clean water for 10 minutes. Triple wash if necessary. Nozzles, screens and filters should be removed and cleaned separately. Rinse water should be discharged into a designated disposal area not into waterways. Some chemicals require other cleaning methods such as detergent or disinfectant. For more information see: