Stepping Into Rural Skills in Triabunna

Stepping Into Rural Skills
in Triabunna

About the Rural Skills Step-by-Step - Triabunna

Our Rural Skills Step-by-Step in Triabunna brings together three units from the AHC20416 Certificate II in Horticulture in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  You will learn valuable skills in planting, taking care of soils and working safely in a horticulture environment.

If you are fit into one of the following categories:

  1. Someone is employed people but would prefer, and are available for, more hours of work than you currently have, including part-time workers.
  2. Someone who is out of work
  3. Someone who are gets an income support payment from the Government
  4. Someone who is looking to improve their horticulture skills in order to start their own business
  5. Someone who lives in a regional area and would like to learn more about horticulture
  6. A woman wanting to return to the workforce or retrain

This course has already started, but you are very welcome to continue to register your interest and start the course when you can.  The course runs one (1) day a week for approximately 15 weeks (every Thursday), excluding school holidays and public holidays.

Classes will start at 9:30 am and finish at 2:45 pm.

Do we run classes on public holidays?

We do not run classes on public holidays. In rare exceptions, we may run catch up classes on public holidays if the need arises, but this does not happen very often at all.

Do we run classes during school holidays?

We generally do not run classes during school holidays. The only exception to this may be where we need to make up classes because too many public holidays have fallen on class days.

The course will be run out of the The Village Community Centre at Triabunna.  From time to time, we may also use other locations and horticultural businesses where these can provide additional training and knowledge for you.

The Village

The course is FREE to qualifying participants and is supported by funding under the Tasmania Government’s Training and Work Pathways Program.

There are 20 places available for this course.  GlobalNet Academy reserves the right to refuse entry to any person.  As this course is fully funded, places ARE LIMITED.  Please only apply if you are wanting to learn about horticulture, or you are a keen gardener, or you already are doing some work in the horticulture industry.

There are no entry requirements to the course, except to qualify as detailed in our Qualifying for this course section.

There are some physical requirements in order to successfully complete this course.  You must be able to work outdoors to do this course, including being able to undertake activities such as weeding, collecting soils and other horticulture related activities.  You must also be able to use handheld tools such as secateurs and pruning saws if required.

AHCWHS201 – Participate in work health and safety processes

In this unit, you will learn to recognise and report hazards in a horticulture workplace and to ensure you follow any workplace safety procedures and directions.

AHCPGD201 – Plant Trees and Shrubs

In this unit, you will learn how to plant trees and shrubs and other containerised and bare-rooted plants.  This includes preparing the soil and hole for planting, inspecting the plant and roots, applying any required treatments to the roots, correct planting techniques and correct watering and mulching techniques.

AHCSOL202 – Assist with soil or growing media sampling and testing

This unit will teach you how to assist with the sampling and testing of soil or growing media, including how to collect soil samples, prepare those soils for testing, correctly labelling the samples, testing the soil using pH and salinity test, and recognising the basic features and properties of that soil.

Each of the 3 units in our course may include two or more of the following types of assessments:

  • Short written answers to questions – question and answer style test (can be taken home)
  • Projects – group or individual, may be practical or research based
  • Assignments – research topic and provide a written response
  • Demonstration – you will be observed doing tasks
  • If required, other assessment methods may be used for students (eg verbal tests instead of short written tests)
  • Testimonials from work placement supervisor
  • Photographic and other media evidence.

We will provide you with the information about the assessment at the commencement of the course and at the beginning of each unit.

There are no “official” out of course study requirements, but we do encourage you to practice what you are learning at home in your own gardens.

Once the course has commenced, you will need to bring the following to classes:

  • broad brimmed sun hat
  • gardening gloves
  • safety boots
  • suitable work clothes

You will only need to bring a pen and paper to the first class.  After the first class, your trainers will tell you what you need to bring for the next class.

At a Glance

Download the course flyer


Selected units from the (AHC20416) Certificate II in Horticulture


Face to face delivery onsite at the Village in Tribunna


FREE to qualifying participants

Intended for

Those that would like to learn about Horticulture in the Triabunna region and surrounds


  • You will be issued a Statement of Attainment if you complete one or more units of competence in this course.
  • Workplace assignments must be submitted within 1 month of course completion.
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