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What now?

Once you have completed the review process, we encourage you to develop a plan of action moving forward. The plan will be private to you and one that you can keep to refer to. Review processes can be hard and undertaking this process may feel overwhelming. If you feel that way, focus on what is already in place and acknowledge your achievements. Try to avoid only focussing on what is missing or needs further development. Your priorities will vary. We strongly recommend choosing one to three areas for development only. We suggest you choose the areas you believe will make the biggest difference to your organisation.

We are here to assist you in the journey, and we can provide useful resources and community of practices for specific areas of interest. From the lists below in the questionnaire, you can choose the elements of each domain that interest you the most for further assistance from the Workforce Ready Team.

Your feedback will also assist us in understanding emerging industry trends.

To progress this, could you please complete the questionnaire below:

The Questionnaire.