Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions for Nationally Recognised Training

These terms and conditions apply to all Nationally Recognised Training offered by GlobalNet ICT Pty Ltd  (ACN 101 343 248) trading as GlobalNet Academy, RTO 60058. In this agreement, “we”, “us” and “our” refers to GlobalNet Academy

1. Binding Agreement

1.1 A binding agreement shall arise between you and GlobalNet Academy when you are accepted by us as a student.

2. Acceptance

2.1 Your acceptance of these terms and conditions does not automatically mean that we have accepted you as a student.  Your acceptance into a course will be by way of letter (which may be electronic) welcoming you to that course.  For some courses, we may require you to attend an interview. We reserve the right to refuse to accept you as a student for whatever reason.

3. Policies and procedures

3.1 Upon becoming a student, you agree to comply with our policies and procedures.  These can be found on our website here: https://globalnetacademy.edu.au/our-policies/

4. Enrolment

4.1 You must express an interest in a course in order for us to consider you as a student.  This must be done through a process we have authorised, such as using our online enrolment form. By completing the enrolment form, you are formally requesting entrance to a course.  We will either accept or reject your request in writing.

4.2 We will advise you in writing if you are required to attend an interview.  If you are, we will schedule a time that is mutually acceptable to both of us. If you are successful in our interview process, you will be given the opportunity to formally accept an offer made by GlobalNet to undertake the course.

4.3 Once we have accepted your expression of interest, we will advise you in writing of your acceptance into the course.  You will formally become a student when

4.3.1 You have provided us with sufficient proof of identity.  What sufficient proof of identify is will be explained in your letter of acceptance; and

4.3.2 You (or your nominee) have paid any deposit that is required for the course

4.4 If you are a minor, we may require the permission of your parent or guardian for you to attend the course.  Your acceptance letter will explain if this is necessary.

5. Fees and Charges

5.1 You agree to pay us any applicable course fees.

5.2 You are entitled to know what the course fee is before the start of the course, including the costs of any text books and reasonably foreseeable materials that may be needed for the course.

5.3 You may withdraw from your course without penalty where you were reasonably unaware of the course fee.   Your course fee will be stated in your acceptance letter along with the methods of payment we accept.

5.4 Once you have paid your deposit (if applicable) or prepaid course fee, we agree to provide you with the training and assessment activities that are applicable to the course.

5.5 If you have not paid your entire course fee by the due date, we will withhold your qualification until you have paid the course fee in full.

5.6 Unless otherwise stated in your acceptance letter, our fees and charges for the course only covers tuition.  You are responsible for all other expenses.

6. Refunds

6.1 GlobalNet’s refund policy will apply to any tuition fees that you pay unless otherwise stated in your acceptance letter.  Our refund policy is located on our policies page here: https://globalnetacademy.edu.au/our-policies/

7. Issuing Certificates / Qualifications

7.1 We will issue you a certificate when you complete a course or units within a course, subject to you satisfactorily completing all the assessment tasks for the course or unit within the prescribed time for the course.

8. Assessment documents

8.1 You agree that GlobalNet is allowed to keep all assessment documents given to us by you as part of the course and may not be returned to you.

8.2 You agree that you will follow all reasonable instructions in how these must be handed in, in what format and by when.

9. Copyright and confidentiality

9.1 The copyright all the materials of the course are GlobalNet’s unless otherwise stated.  You agree to not share our copyrighted materials with third parties unless we have consented in writing for you to do so.

9.2 You agree to not reproduce our assessment tools in any format except as part of your studies in one of our courses.

9.3 You agree to keep confidential any information that you come across as a direct result of your participation in one of our courses whether it has been shared by us or by a class mate unless that information is already in the public domain.

10. Duration of the course

10.1 You agree to complete the course within the allotted time frame for that course. If you cannot complete the course within that timeframe, or withdraw from the course without reasonable cause, your enrolment may be cancelled.

10.2 You may request an extension of time to complete any outstanding assessments after the course has officially finished. We may, at our complete discretion, provide an extension for you.  You must request an extension in writing.  We will respond to your request in writing.

10.3 You agree to pay any fees relating to marking assessments or providing training services after the course has finished.  We will provide an estimate of any fees and charges in our letter of extension.

11. Terminating your enrolment

11.1 If you wish to leave the course before it finishes, you agree to notify us in writing.  We will accept email notifications.

11.2 You agree that if you breach a policy, particularly those dealing with the safety or yourself or with others, academic standards such as plagiarism and the reputation of the organisation, we may terminate your enrolment immediately.

11.3 Where you leave a course early, our refund policy will apply.

12. Funded courses

12.1 Where you attend a course that has been funded by a State government or the Federal Government,  there are implications if you fail to attend classes or do not complete the course.  You agree that where you regularly fail to attend classes and/or do not complete the assessment tasks within the course timeframe, you may be liable for the full cost of the course minus any funding that we have already received for your participation.