Transition to Training Packages

GlobalNet will transition to a new training package within 12 months of the new training package being released.


This policy applies to any accredited training that GlobalNet delivers but does not apply to any non-accredited training that GlobalNet provides.

Monitoring of Training packages

GlobalNet will monitor so that it becomes aware as soon as a new training package is released.

Period of transition

During the 12 month transition period, GlobalNet will take action to review the status and progress of existing students to determine which students can complete their studies during the transition. Students who cannot complete their studies within the transition period may be transitioned to the new qualification OR GlobalNet may request an extension of the regular where this is not possible or feasible for the student.


GlobalNet will advise students and clients (where applicable) about the revised qualification and the requirements to complete studies within the transition period or transition to the new qualification.

Updating units of Competence

GlobalNet will update units of competence as soon as practicable to the new revision.   In the case where units are superseded, GlobalNet will not issue any qualification with the old unit and will migrate to the new unit as a priority.  Where units have multiple revisions which are all current, GlobalNet will endeavour to provide students with the latest revision, but reserves the right to issue qualifications or statements of attainment against the old unit.

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