Who we are

GlobalNet Academy is a locally owned and operated Registered Training Organisation based in Hobart.  We deliver horticulture training around Tasmania – from the North West to the South East.  We have recently been approached with a request to delivery horticulture training in the Triabunna / East Coast region.  To make this possible, we need input from you.. the wider community!

Would there be a cost?

The cost to the business would be 10% of the training cost.  On average, this would range between $200 and $300. Businesses would need to release staff from work for training days.  The remaining 90% of funding is dependent on Skills Tasmania funding,  Applications to secure funding are open now, but we want your input into your training needs before we make an application. 

How would we deliver the course?

Depending on the consensus of the participating businesses, we could deliver courses either:

  • 1 day a week for twelve weeks – possibly in two blocks of six weeks; or
  • 2 days a week for six weeks – again this might divide into two three-week blocks

Will you have input into what courses we run?

Yes. We want your input into:

  • the selection of training units – (from the nationally recognised Certificate II in Horticulture qualification); and
  • the timing of delivery

Tell us what you neeed